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A good managed IT services partner should act as the stable guiding hand that will ensure everything is working in the background so you can go about your work smoothly. This is the kind of service we offer as a baseline and we have retained 95% of our clients.

Now our clients are making their appreciation of our work known:

Managed IT Services Toronto

This project involved an accounting firm that needed to transition to a remote desktop server in order to allow their employees to work anywhere. They wanted to find a reliable partner that could help them do that as well as provide any other IT work they may need.

The company was able to find us through a referral and decided to give us a chance as they weren’t exactly satisfied with the vendor they had at the time. We provided them with our proposal and they liked it enough to give us a chance.

The score that the client gave us on the review coupled with the fact that we’re still their managed IT service provider speaks volumes about their thoughts on our work. Those who wish to get more detailed information are free to read the whole report on our Clutch profile.

One thing we wanted to highlight in this article is the effect this review and the ones that came before it had on us as a team. Thanks to the high cumulative score that we’ve quickly earned in the short time we’ve been on the platform, Clutch has included us in their list of top IT companies in Canada.

This is more than a simple outsourcing directory, it’s a ranked listing of the top performers in Canadian IT. It’s been an important validation of all our team’s efforts since we began operations more than two decades ago. But considering this is a ranked list, that means we can get higher up and take our place among the top of the industry.

Clutch offers similar listings on various B2B companies and industries including accounting firms.

Our goal is always complete client satisfaction. When we achieve that, we will increase our review scores. These reviews help potential customers make an educated decision about working with us.

If you want to benefit from having an industry leader handling all your IT needs, contact our team today to get more information.

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