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Anti-Malware Services

Anti-malware services

Imagine the situation: You start work in the morning and open your emails. The first one you see is from a delivery company you use, with a link to an unpaid invoice. You click on the link, but instead of an invoice, you see a message on your screen saying.

Ooops, your files have been encrypted!

This IT system has been infected by malware – malicious software created and used by cybercriminals. Computer viruses are the most common type of malware.

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How big is the problem?

The statistics about malware show how real the threat is to your business and why you need anti-malware services:

  • Every day, thousands of computers are infected by malware.
  • Every minute, four companies are subject to ransomware attacks using malware.
  • There are now more than 1 billion malware programs.
  • Nearly 600,000 new forms of malware are detected every single day.

Your business is at risk unless you have robust anti-malware services.

Do I need anti-malware services? 

What harm can malware do to my business?

Malware can have serious implications for your business without you even knowing about it, for days, weeks, or even months. Hackers use malware to cause harm and extort money. Examples include:

  • Download the Ransomeware White PaperDeleting YOUR data.
  • Stealing YOUR passwords.
  • Stealing trade secrets.
  • Disrupting YOUR business.
  • Stealing credit card and banking information.
  • Demanding ransom payments to unlock data.

Anti-Malware services from CG Technologies can protect you from this happening to you.

How can we help you with Anti-Malware Services?

CG Technologies understands the challenges that small and medium businesses face every day. We keep our clients safe and secure using our enterprise anti-malware solutions, 24 × 7 × 365. Our skilled and experienced team will tailor solutions that meet your needs from our wide range of anti-malware services.

Here are some of them:

Threat analysis

CG Technologies anti-malware scan service will analyse devices on your network and report on systems that have been infected.

Malware protection

Our trusted anti-malware services will surgically remove any existing malware and prevent you from further infection.

Real-time detection

Our anti-malware solutions use industry-leading advanced detection to proactively prevent both new and evolving threats.

Leave IT to us

CG Technologies have developed a flexible, customizable, and cost-effective service offerings to serve our clients better.

We will keep you secure, deliver reliable and trusted IT solutions and expertise and our industry-leading technology partner’s solutions and services will allow you to focus on what matters most – your business.